All The Benefits Of Having A Workout Buddy


Treat your workout buddy like your 5:30 evening appointment and you’ll be surprised at all the benefits that come with the committed relationship the two of you share.

A study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise states that people – especially women – are more likely to work out if their significant other or best friend works out as well. So, find your strength in pairs. Get your bestie on board and reap all the benefits of having a workout buddy. If that’s not enough, there are more ways you both may benefit.

You Are Now Held Accountable For Showing Up

Not one thing went right for you at work starting with minute one when you spilled coffee on your white skirt. Your boss rode you all day long. You missed a big deadline. Your feet hurt and you’re mentally and physically exhausted.

The good news is that the workday is over. You feel like jetting home (on an actual jet), but your workout buddy is waiting for you at the gym. You’re now accountable for making that appointment!

You’re now accountable for making that appointment!

Without your gym partner, you probably would have skipped your workout. However, being accountable got you through the front doors of the gym. That was your first win of the day.

Working Out Becomes Therapy Plus

When you walk in the gym, your gym buddy is oozing positivity; she pushes you to work harder in the gym all the while listening to stories about your horrible day. When you left the gym that night, you realized you had let a lot of the day’s stress go, and you were glad you made it to your gym appointment!

In this scenario, your workout became more than just a workout. It became your bitch session, your daily release, your laugh session and your daily dose of therapy because you had someone there to work up a sweat with and socialize with.

Sweating, swearing and socializing are all good medicine. By the time you got home from the gym, you felt 100% relieved and slept like a baby that night. Having a gym buddy is good therapy!

Friendly Competition Equals Faster Progress

No one likes to look bad in front of their friends, so chances are that you’ll work out harder if you have a competitive gym buddy. When you find someone who motivates you to go the extra mile in the gym, you’re also going to see results faster.

Let that friendly competition turn up your intensity. You may feel a bit sore at the end of the workout, but feeling that progress throughout your body is worth it in the end.

A little pointer for friendly competitions: Pick a gym partner who’s pretty much at your level.


If you take your gym-newbie friend, you’ll discourage them from going back and your workout will be slowed down in the process. Make it a pretty even competition.

Learn From Your Partner

No two people do the same exercises in the gym. Both you and your gym partner will bring different workout experiences to the table. Learn from each other.

Maybe that means learning to play racquetball or tennis. It may mean that you get off the treadmill and finally pick up a set of dumbbells (we’re still talking about working out, not landing dates together).

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of a workout partner who knows more about the gym than you and typically works out harder. Learn from your friend who is a serious lifter. Then return the favor to someone who knows less than you do. Work out with a friend who needs your support and looks up to you in the gym.

The more variety you add to your workouts, the less mundane they are. Keep it fresh, push yourself and learn from each other.

Split The Cost Of A CPT

Have you ever wanted to hire a certified personal trainer, but found that the cost of hiring one puts you over your monthly budget?

Find a friend who’s also interested in personal training sessions and combine your time and money.

Many trainers today will provide joint training sessions. This means you and your friend each get a 50% discount for professional services and you both gain a wealth of gym knowledge that you can use for a lifetime of workouts.

Trying New Things Together Is Less Intimidating

Zumba peaks your interest, but you don’t want to look stupid in your first class. That’s the reason you’ve never committed to trying it. No problem.

Have your gym buddy tag along to look stupid with you. Try something new together.
Reserve your spots in the back corner and makeup moves when you have no clue what the routine is because the instructor is moving too quickly.

Instead of the class being intimidating, it’ll actually be a bit humorous when you have your partner in crime there to mess up alongside you. Don’t worry. You’ll both get the hang of it soon.

Always Having A Spotter Means You Can Lift Heavier

This may sound crazy, but there are women who like to lift heavy weights (and psst… it doesn’t make you look like a man).

If your bestie is lifting with you, you have an instant spotter who can help you lift heavier weights, reach new personal records and help push you through those last two incredibly difficult reps. Overall your lifting session will be more productive when it comes to lean muscle gains!


Working out consistently can be a real challenge for many, so make the most of it. Besides the health benefits of working out in pairs, exercising with someone you’re close to also strengthens your relationship because of the time you spend together. Make your gym time more fulfilling by having a steady workout partner who challenges you, uplifts you, makes you laugh and most of all make you count the minutes until gym time each day!