The Safest And Best Ways To Quick Weight Loss

quick weight loss

It’s true: There might be no shortcut to quick weight loss.

With that said, you can definitely drastically shorten the process if you know a thing or two about how your body functions, the stuff that works, practical weight-loss tricks, unnecessary things that add extra weight and taking advantage of everyday opportunities.

Understand How Your Body Works

Each person’s body functions just a little bit differently from everyone else.

However, there exist several universal similarities.

You might be confusing hunger with thirst. Before you reach for a snack, try taking a drink of water and see if you still feel just as hungry as you did before you downed your beverage.

Eat less at night. Your body stores up more fat if you eat heavier meals late in the day before going to bed. So, even if you eat less food, but still eat late at night, you’ll store up more fat.

Avoid slimming diets. You’ll end up binging if you try forcing yourself onto a slimming diet. When you drastically reduce your food intake, your body senses that you’re in famine mode and decides to store up fat.

Do More Of The Stuff That Works

You shouldn’t just take every weight-loss tip at face value. Dig deeper and find out just how effective it is. The following tips are ones that should help you cut some of those extra pounds.

Eat whole-grain carbs.


Whole grains carbs make you feel fuller after eating fewer calories than refined carbs. You would also remain satiated for longer.

Get sleep. By now, you should already know that your muscles grow while you’re resting. Hence, give your body enough time to grow.

You’ll be more likely to stick to and succeed with your weight-loss plan if you make it effortless. That means automating the repetitive processes. Portion out your meals for an entire week so you don’t have to make complex calorie calculations every day. Organize your entire schedule for the week, including all the seemingly minor activities that are supposed to help you lose weight faster.

Hire a personal trainer or get a workout buddy. You can only do so much on your own and at times you might not even realize what you’re doing wrong. A trainer can help you identify your mistakes and create a more effective program that achieves quicker results.

Join a group fitness class. Even if you aren’t competitive, exercising in a group can give you the extra push you’re lacking. The added excitement could also take your mind off the tough workout.

Add constant variety to your workouts. By using a variety of exercises you’re less likely to overexert particular muscle groups, making it possible to exercise longer and maintain an active lifestyle.

Apply Safe Weight-Loss Tricks

Every fitness guru has a couple of tricks that make her workouts a thousand times more powerful than the ordinary gym-goer. For instance, the following tips should help you achieve incredible results.

Don’t just perform cardio, do interval training. Alternate the slower exercises with short bursts of intense cardio workouts. You’ll burn more calories compared to a long, repetitive and boring exercise.

Maximize calorie burn by targeting larger muscle groups in your workouts. Why? Larger muscles burn more calories. Some exercises you should consider include lunges and squats.

Set up weekly massage sessions. Just as it’s important that you get maximum exercise, your body also needs maximum relaxation. Massage sessions help with muscle recovery, which would help you maintain high-intensity workouts with a minimal injury.

Add a real financial cost to weight gain. Perhaps make it a rule that you have to donate a certain amount of money to a charity if you miss your workout.

Eat your food slower. Your body’s satiety hormone, leptin, let’s you know you’ve eaten enough after 20 minutes. Therefore, you should take smaller portions and eat slower. It’s possible that the only reason you overeat is because you didn’t know you were already full. This tip should remove that possibility.

Cut Out Things That Add Extra Weight

You’ll never succeed if you keep taking two steps forward and three steps back. Identify and eliminate whatever is holding you back.

Avoid white bread and other refined carbs. Refined carbs are simply empty calories, deprived of other nutrients and fiber (an important component that makes you feel satiated).

Change your lifestyle habits. Critically evaluate your lifestyle and identify those detrimental things that you must eliminate.

Is it a chocolate craving you indulge in daily?

If so, then maybe cut it down to once a week. Do you spend too much time lying on the couch watching movies when you could have just as much fun dancing? Make changes!

Get a medical checkup. If you suspect you have a medical condition that needs evaluation, go to the doctor. You can’t expect to meet your objectives if you’re unwell.

Take Advantage Of Extra Opportunities To Lose Weight

The more weight-loss opportunities you take advantage of, the faster you’ll achieve your goals. You just need an open and creative mind to identify multiple ways through which to enhance your workout program.

Turn everyday activities into workout opportunities. Climbing stairs, walking or cycling to work, standing up at your work desk, playing with your kids and moving around stuff in the house are all activities that will help you in your goal to lose weight.

Even cleaning out the house helps!

Get a more active and fun hobby. If you get a fun and active hobby, like hiking and climbing, you’ll hardly notice the weight leaving your body as you enjoy your leisure time. Most of all, such a hobby can be part of your life, helping you stay slim and healthy for a long time.


All of these methods are virtually guaranteed to give you safe and quick weight loss results. Stay focused and motivated. Set small short-term goals and don’t forget that you can never outwork a bad diet. If you stick to the plan and remember all of these tips, you’ll be lighter quicker than you ever thought possible!