How To Best Inspire Fitness In Others

inspire fitness


To inspire is to influence other people with a purpose. Your purpose, your reason to inspire fitness. You are the type of woman who would go stark raving mad without the gym and you can’t understand why others aren’t that passionate about fitness as well.

Ignite their fires!

Not sure how to start?

Here are a number of ideas on how to best inspire fitness in others.

Support A Friend Who’s A Newbie

Chances are, you have a friend who needs your support in the fitness arena. If you’ve been fit most of your life or have recently become fit, people want to know, “What did you do to get into such great shape?”

Don’t be stingy. Share your info with them. Be a strong supporter and someone else’s biggest cheerleader. Invite others to the gym with you. By inspiring others, supporting them, and watching them succeed, you may feel even more inspired yourself.

Talk About Your Fitness Past

Talk to others about what your goals were before you became fit and share how you reached your goals.

Did you have help along the way?

Did you have a trainer?

Sometimes telling people where you started from is more inspiring than anything else.

People want to relate to your struggle for inspiration because they have struggled.

Many times, the general population gets the idea that fit people have always been fit or that they just have good genetics. That’s rarely the case. Those who are fit into their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond were usually inspired by others at some point in their life or by some event. Then, taking their fitness goals to heart, they learned to eat clean and exercise. The good habits stuck and it became their lifestyle.

Teach others how to change their lifestyle using your past as an example.


Sign Up For A New Fitness Activity Together

Do mud runs look fun?

Is Orange Theory taking over your town?

Maybe kickboxing tickles your fancy.

Whatever fitness activity sparks your interest, get on board for something new and drag your BFF or a fitness newbie along. Inspire her to get into fitness and be as excited about it as you are. You will both have something to look forward to, there will be fresh inspiring people all around you and you’ll both get a break from your monotonous gym routine.

Hand Out Compliments

What’s free and always well received?

A compliment. Use them to positively reinforce the progress of others! Make sure you know the person pretty well before using, “That booty though!”

However, it’s easy to tell someone that you’ve noticed how hard they are working and that their efforts are paying off. There’s nothing more inspiring than someone noticing muscular gains or body composition changes, or both. A little ego boost truly makes people want to continue down the never-ending path of their fitness journey.

Meal Prep Teaming With Co-Workers

Your team, your work squad, your work family, you should all be working together both in the office, in the gym and at lunch hour. The most dangerous spot at any workplace is the lunchroom. That’s where you’ll find countertops full of sweet treats, donuts and other junk that kills all the work you put in at the gym.

Solution: Operation Team Meal Prep

Get a group of three to five people trying to shape up. Each person picks a day of the week to bring a healthy lunch for themselves and for each member of the group. This way, each person only cooks one night of the week for everyone in the group, you get a variety of cooking and you’re guaranteed to eat healthy lunches throughout the week. Plus, there’s power in numbers. When everyone is eating healthfully as a group, you can easily deny the temptation to stray from your new healthy eating lifestyle.

Form After Work Workout Groups

With your same work squad, from an after work workout group. You can exercise along to workout videos in an open space, meet in a local park, meet in the neighborhood gym or walk/jog together after work.

Once again, there’s power in numbers, and if you make appointments with others to work out, they’re less likely to just skip and speed home. If you have fitness expertise, you can lead group exercise for anyone who is interested.

You might be able to inspire your whole office to get fit!

Social Media Is An Inspiring Tool

It’s true: Social media can be a positive fitness tool when used correctly. Once you say you’re going to do something, then it’s time for the follow through. Let social media be your outlet for sharing your goals and then post pictures to update everyone on your progress.

It serves dual purposes: Holds you accountable and inspires others, both near and far, with your visual progress. Friends can cheer you on online and you may encourage others to join in on your fitness journey.

For example, let’s say you’ve joined a running group that’s training for a 10K. Each weekend you post pictures of you and the new crew and you share your times. Then you finally run the 10K and totally kill it! You’ll inspire many who watched you work from the couch to that 10K. Maybe your friends and family will join you for the next training session.

Read Articles And Share Your Findings

Every week there are new findings in the exciting and ever-changing world of fitness. The findings range from new types of group fitness classes to science on eating.

You saw goat yoga on the national news, right?

Stay abreast of revolutionary ways to diet and exercise and your routines will never get boring. Get subscriptions to fitness and healthy living magazines. Share what you read with others during casual conversations.

You’ll be surprised at your own compounding knowledge and you never know who you might inspire to try something new with you!


It doesn’t take much more than your personal positivity to inspire others to get fit. Don’t be afraid to share your successes, failures, doubts, emotions and everything in between. Chances are the person you are inspiring needs to hear about your whole fitness journey so they don’t quit on theirs.