Can the Booty Phases be done from home?

No. The only program that doesn’t require a fully-equipped gym is the At Home Abs and Booty. The booty phases are designed to be done at a gym.

I’m already skinny and don’t want to lose any more weight. Will the Tone and Shred make me lose weight?

No. The Tone and Shred will help you lose BODY FAT and gain lean muscle mass.

Are there videos to help explain the different exercises?

No. There will be in the future but for now, you get a detailed PDF of the workouts that you can print, take to the gym and follow along with as you work out.

Will I see the same results working from home versus the gym?

You will always see more results working out at a gym lifting heavy weights. But my at home routine is good for lifting and toning the same areas!

Is anything being shipped?

No. Nothing is being shipped. My packages are all downloadable PDF’s.

What is some of the equipment I would need to do the Booty Phases?

Cables, hack squat, smith machine, squat rack, kettle bells, assisted dip/pull up, leg press, glute kickback, abductor/adductor. (Just to list a few)

I’m confused what a superset, drop set and double drop set are. How do I know how to perform these?

A super set is where you do two exercises in conjunction with the other. So let’s say leg press and leg extension. If that was a super set you would do one set of leg press, then one set of leg extension, then back to the leg press then the leg extension again and so on and so forth until you finish your sets. A drop set: for example let’s say shoulder press, if you were drop setting your shoulder press you would do your first set, at let’s say 15 pounds, the next set would be 20 pounds, the next set would be let’s say 25 pounds. Then for the very last set, the DROPSET, you would go back to using the first weight of 15 pounds. A double drop set is the same thing as a drop set but with an extra set… so it would be 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 20lbs, 15lbs.

Do you have any programs designed for men?

I have programs designed for guys too! Check out the max muscle and meal plan.

What’s the difference between getting a regular package and the full coaching program?

With the full coaching program, everything is custom and you will have weekly check ins. The regular program is a little bit less hands on but I’m still here to answer all of your questions and concerns!

How long is each level of the Tone and Shred series?

Tone and shred is designed for 6 weeks but you can do it for longer! I did each level for 3 or 4 months. As long as you’re lifting heavier and still seeing awesome progress go for it!

Can I still do the meal plan if I am Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free/Pescetarian etc.?

The meal plan is very flexible in that it has lots of substitutions to let you pick from the options and make it your own and a meal plan you enjoy, in the right portions and at the right times etc. it sets you up for a lifetime of clean eating. It is structured and tells you when and how much to eat. You just pick what you eat based on the charts I provide. It comes with a mini nutrition lesson and explains carbs, fats, and proteins.

What does the “Booty + Workout” package entail?

It includes a workout routine of your choice. You pick from the three series (tone and shred, weight loss, max muscle) and the level that you want (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and all three booty phases.

How long is each booty phase?

I would do booty phase 1 for 4 weeks, then booty phase 2 for 6 weeks, and booty phase 3 for 6 weeks. And you do this once a week along with your workout routine.

How heavy should I be lifting in the booty phases?

On your first set, lift heavy enough to make it difficult to finish all your reps but you can still get them in. The next set lift so heavy you can only do about 6-8, and on the final set lift SOO heavy that you can only bang out 2-4! You should be barely able to walk out of the gym and sore for 2 days after.

I’m on the Tone and Shred Intermediate and all three booty phases and would like to have one day off. What should I do?

Take the obliques from day 6 and move it to a lighter day like bis and tris and then do booty day on day 6 so you have a rest day.

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